Luminescence Ages of Feldspar Contaminated Quartz from Fluvial Terrace Sediments
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Faculty of Science and Arts, Physics Department, ISIK University, Sile, 34980 Istanbul, Turkey
Eurasia Institute of Earth Sciences, Istanbul Technical University, Maslak, 34398 Istanbul, Turkey
Online publication date: 2008-04-16
Publication date: 2008-01-01
Geochronometria 2008;30:55-60
This study focuses on obtaining luminescence ages in feldspar contaminated quartz from well-developed fluvial terraces of the Yesilirmak (Iris) river located inside the eastern North Anatolian Fault Shear Zone (NAFZ). We applied a technique based on conventional single-aliquot regenerative-dose (SAR) protocol, modified with an IR pre-treatment to reduce the OSL contribution from feldspar for accurately measuring the dose in quartz. All investigated samples showed an ability to measure a beta dose given in the laboratory, a so called dose recovery test. The dependence of the equivalent dose on thermal treatment was also examined. Dose rate calculations were based on spectral analysis of gamma measurements by a field spectrometer on site. The efforts to establish a chronology using the IR modified SAR technique produced reliable dose results in stratigraphic order. Results were reproducible and grouped broadly between 35-109 ka for Bektemur, 32-36 ka for Kizilca, 19-47 ka for Aksalur and 35-44 ka for Sahinkaya. Obtained results show that the studied area was controlled by tectonic activities within the last 50 ka and the sample Aksalur 2 was the loess deposit formed by aeolian activity.
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