230Th/U chronology of ore formation within the semyenov hydrothermal district (13°31′ N) at the Mid-Atlantic ridge
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St. Petersburg State University, V.O., 10-th Line 33, 199178, St. Petersburg, Russia
Institute for Geology and Mineral Resources of the Ocean (VNIIOkeangeologia), Angliysky Prospect 1, 190121, St. Petersburg, Russia
Polar Marine Geosurvey Expedition, Pobedy Str. 24, 198412, Lomonosov, St. Petersburg, Russia
Online publication date: 2011-01-28
Publication date: 2011-03-01
Geochronometria 2011;38(1):72-76
A radiochemical study was carried out on massive sulfides from Semyenov hydrothermal district at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. New and published results provide evidence that 230Th/U ages obtained for massive sulfides are reliable. The sulfide deposits from the West, North-West, North-East, and East hydrothermal sites at the Semyenov hydrothermal district were formed between ∼124 ka and ∼37 ka ago. The hydrothermal activity might have started in the eastern part of the district and moved to the west by episodic ore formation.
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