Tree-Ring Chronology as a Source of Information on Susceptibility of Sitka Spruce to Climatic Conditions of Pomerania (Northern Poland)
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Department of Forest Protection and Forest Climatology, Agricultural University of Cracow, Al. 29 Listopada 46, 31-425 Cracow, Poland
Online publication date: 2008-03-28
Publication date: 2008-01-01
Geochronometria 2008;30:79-82
This paper presents results concerning climatic conditions affecting diameter growth of Sitka spruce introduced to Baltic Pomerania (Sławno Forest District). A relatively high homogeneity of tree-ring series permitted to construct on their basis the tree-ring chronology of Sitka spruce. A significant positive correlation was found between radial increments of Sitka spruce and air temperatures of winter and spring months (January-April) and a negative relationship between radial increments and temperature of May. This study also showed a distinctly positive correlation between diameter growth and precipitation in July and November of the previous year, and precipitation in February and in summer season (June-August) of the current year. During years with low precipitation in summer or low temperatures in winter and spring all trees produced narrow tree-rings. The proportion of air temperature and precipitation in variation of radial increment of Sitka spruce, expressed by the coefficient of multiple determination, was 52%.
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