ESR Dating of Sedimentary Quartz from Two Pleistocene Deposits Using Al and Ti-Centers
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Department of Applied Physics, Okayama University of Science, 1-1 Ridai, Okayama, 700-0005, Japan
Département de Préhistoire, Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, UMR 5198 du CNRS, 1 Rue René Panhard, 75013, Paris, France
Regional Environment studies, Nara Women's university, Kita-Uoya-Nishimachi, Nara 630-8506, Japan
Online publication date: 2008-04-16
Publication date: 2008-01-01
Geochronometria 2008;30:23-31
One sample from a fluvial terrace of Loir river (France) deposited during isotopic stages 7-8 and two samples from isotopic stage 5 marine sediments of Echizen Coast (Japan) were dated by ESR of quartz grains. Both additive and regenerative techniques were used on Ti-Li and Ti-H centers of quartz. No change of sensitivity of the centers was observed during regeneration which significantly reduced the errors on the equivalent doses. Bleaching experiments indicated that the Ti-Li center is less sensitive to UV(ultra-violet)-A (365-412 nm) than to the full sun spectrum whereas UVA alone is sufficient to reset the bleachable component of the Al-center. This effect could be the origin of the strong overestimation of the ages determined using the Ti-Li center in this study. The comparison of the equivalent doses determined by the two Ti-centers indicated that bleaching before deposition of the fluvial sediment was apparently better than for the marine sample.
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